4.833 completed on June 21, 2018

Reviewed by Randy S. for Chris LaRose

Solomons, MD
Chris is very professional and helpful. As our loan was being processed, he kept us in the loop and was very prompt in answer our questions. I would highly recommend him.

5.0 completed on March 4, 2017

Reviewed by GregoryCBrady for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris LaRose handled the refinancing of my home in 2012. He did an outstanding job. First, he got me a terrific interest rate and then guided my application through to approval in a fast, highly competent manner. Chris is a very experienced and knowledgeable authority on home financing. He is deeply committed to providing effective services to his clients. He was always available to patiently answer my questions. Chris did a great job for me. I highly recommend him.

5.0 completed on January 3, 2018

Reviewed by Lucas for Christopher S. LaRose

Worked with the prosperity mortgage company for couple weeks, all I can say is I’m very happy with all the help and guidance I received. Great all around service.

5.0 completed on September 20, 2017

Reviewed by slsmith828 for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris and his team were awesome to work with, he guided us through the process with knowledge, ease and understanding. I knew if we had a question or concern he was right there for us. He took the time to make this a truly wonderful experience.

5.0 completed on September 20, 2017

Reviewed by user82131765 for Christopher S. LaRose

I would recommend Chris to my friends and family any day. He is passionate about his work and cares about the people he serves. During my loan process I always felt supported and he assured me that there were no "dumb" questions that I could ever ask. Chris was patient and professional which made it easy to talk with him.

5.0 completed on September 22, 2017

Reviewed by booth shelby for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris ensured my home buying experience was nearly seamless! He made himself available to address any questions or concerns I had throughout the process and overall gave me peace of mind during an otherwise stressful process. Would love to work with him again in the future.

5.0 completed on September 28, 2017

Reviewed by erikcalderon56 for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris was great to work with! Being new to the state he was very knowledgeable about the area and answered all my question about VA loans. I already have another property financed in another state and Chirs helped me get all the documents in order to make the buying process seamless! I would absolutely work with him again!

5.0 completed on March 3, 2017

Reviewed by zuser20160417075312616 for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris did a good job. Had a few things happen but its going to happen when dealing with all the different situations in buying your first home. I would go back to him.

5.0 completed on April 14, 2017

Reviewed by ryannoone for Christopher S. LaRose

Prosperity and the LaRose team were very informative and forthcoming with any and all questions my husband and I had about the lending process. They made the approval process easy and less stressful.

5.0 completed on February 22, 2017

Reviewed by matty44444444 for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris was a fantastic loan officer from the beginning to end. He was prompt, explained things well, and was there for me when I had questions. He also makes himself available after the loan has closed which is appreciated.

5.0 completed on February 23, 2017

Reviewed by cwpownall for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris has guided my family through two mortgage transactions thus far and has operated as a trusted advisor every single time. He has a gift for ensuring that you are able to make a truly informed decision because he will never pressure you, nor leave a question unanswered. We continue to recommend Chris to our colleagues and friends and look forward to working with him for years to come. Whether you have a mortgage broker or need your first, do your family and conscience a favor, get in touch with Chris.

5.0 completed on October 1, 2017

Reviewed by nicholas h tran for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris and his team were able to help me buy my first home. They were very helpful, answering any questions I had along the way. They also kept be notified of all status updates on the progress of the loan as we made our way to closing. Chris also went the extra mile to secure extra lender credit so I did not have to bring any cash to close.

5.0 completed on May 9, 2017

Reviewed by zuser20140915154259361 for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris is very knowledgeable of the mortgage business especially regarding VA loans. In the American business model you unfortunately find many business professionals that are consumed with bureaucracy making them completely out of touch with customers. Chris proved to me that this does not have to be the norm. He made what is a complicated process a lot less cumbersome. Durring the process of buying our home; Chris was realiable and always available to answer all our questions almost in real time, on time, and every time. Our family was truly blessed in having his help and expetise. I highly recommended Chris to anyone who may be buying a house and looking for a reliable mortgage broker.

5.0 completed on December 28, 2017

Reviewed by Aimee Branson for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris has been there every step of the way, answering all of our questions as first time home owners. We also used a VA loan whuch comes with its own set of rules that he also heloed us navigate. I couldn't recommend Chris and his team more highly.

5.0 completed on March 7, 2018

Reviewed by jmturner6207 for Christopher S. LaRose

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Chris definitely made buying our first home a much easier process and took the time to explain things when needed.

5.0 completed on January 9, 2018

Reviewed by Cheryll Kemp for Christopher S. LaRose

My mortgage consultant, Christopher LaRose, is a genius. While working on my case, we encountered issues that required additional time and effort to ensure a successful outcome. Chris was with me all the way, utilizing his expertise to help me meet deadlines and ultimately purchase my home. The approval process can be stressful but working with Chris was a pleasure as he directed me through each step and made certain that my loan was approved. Chris is a dedicated and thorough professional whom I would recommend to family and friends.

5.0 completed on June 28, 2017

Reviewed by miketash615 for Christopher S. LaRose

Working with Chris was a pleasure. His expertise and professionalism came into play a multiple times during the home buying process. There was even a point where my realtor put some fear into me about an uncommon situation which Chris clarified for me and put me at ease with his past experiences in a similar situation. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to acquire a home loan.

5.0 completed on December 5, 2017

Reviewed by nyrachtyms for Christopher S. LaRose

Very helpful with all those crazy last minute items and continues to be a consultant as I explore future endeavors. Housr buying has gotten more stressful through the years, Chris helped me have confidence through the process. Thanks!

5.0 completed on February 23, 2017

Reviewed by focusfinancial1 for Christopher S. LaRose

There aren't enough words to describe how great and pleasant our experience working with Chris was. My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home as a married couple and Chris and his team made sure the process went quickly and smoothly. The interest rate we received was incredible; lower than what I thought we would get. Chris was excellent about responding very quickly and was very knowledgeable when it came to answering all of the questions I had. He's the only loan officer I would ever think about doing business with in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone buying a new home or going through a refinance.

5.0 completed on February 28, 2017

Reviewed by user8769351 for Christopher S. LaRose

This was my families first home purchase, and Chris made it a very smooth process and answered any question I had at any time. And if it wasn't that day, it was the very next day. Working with Chris put my wife and my worries about making this huge purchase at ease! Great experience!

5.0 completed on March 1, 2017

Reviewed by momamia50 for Christopher S. LaRose

I am careful and thoughtful when it comes to recommending someone, because in the end the recommendation reflects on me. I recommend Chris to everyone I know and have never been disappointed! He makes himself available 24/7 to assist throughout the loan process, and even after the fact! Chris is always polite and courteous. Chris is knowledgeable and responsive, and ultimately he gets the job done with ease. He gave me all the information I needed to make me comfortable with the transaction. Chris is my lender for life.

5.0 completed on July 25, 2017

Reviewed by chboy301 for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris is an absolute wonder to work with. He walk me through everything i needed, took my calls after hours. He is truly awsome to work with I highly suggest him for your mortgage needs

5.0 completed on December 5, 2017

Reviewed by tforsy for Christopher S. LaRose

Chris is the best!! He helped us when no one else would. He cared enough to actually look at our information and not a bottom line. I will recommend Chris whenever I can!

5.0 completed on April 28, 2018

Reviewed by r ogilvie2 for Chris LaRose

Chris and the whole team at Prosperity were incredible! He was patient with me and answered all ththe questions I had as a first time home buyer. I highly recommend him and his team!

5.0 completed on August 22, 2014

Reviewed by james dick9 for Christopher S. LaRose

I have had two of my personal VA loans with Mr. LaRose. He is truly dedicated to making his clients aware of their commitment and giving them the best available options that will suit their needs. I have also worked with him for almost 5 years as a realtor in Southern Maryland and as I stated earlier he is awesome. I hope this review helps you decided to give him the opportunity to earn your business.

Brittany M.
DC Metro

Chris LaRose is such a pleasure to work with. From the very first encounter I felt valued as a customer, I felt listened to and understood. I appreciated his prompt responses and the fact that he went above and beyond the call of duty and even worked through a Holiday for me. I would recommend him to any and everyone I know wanting to purchase or refinance a home!


Lesa C., Long & Foster Realtor
Southern Maryland

Chris works hard to make sure my clients are well taken care of on the financial end. I highly reccommend him because I can trust that he will do
his absolute best to get them from start to finish as smoothly as he can! My clients feel comfortable enough with him to pick up the phone and call for
any questions they may have, and Chris does a fantastic job to break it all down for them so everyone understands what needs to be done.


Lindley & Sibylle B.

Chris LaRose was perhaps the best loan officer we have worked with in over 30 years and numerous mortgages.

He took the time day or night to work with us when we were making offer after offer for a new home, providing new documentation on short notice.

He worked out scenarios that we did not know to ask for in a successful effort to save us money.

When we recommend Prosperity, rest assured that our good experience with Chris LaRose has everything to do with our satisfaction.

Lindley & Sibylle B.


Amit K.

Chris LaRose, is a true professional with great values and exceptional product knowledge. I have had a pleasure to work with Chris and I was really impressed with his customer service and professionalism. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who may need his assistance.


James D.
Realtor & Air Force Veteran

I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with a member of your team. He has been vital to my success as a Realtor.

He has quickly adapted to my expectations and always seems to come thru when I need him to. His interpersonal skills and willingness to go the extra mile for my clients is evident in the feedback they give me after we close every transaction.

It has been great to work alongside Chris LaRose and his team at Prosperity Mortgage. It is an unmatched asset to have in my pocket when dealing with clients. I deal with highly qualified buyers and they usually want to move quickly. That usually makes Chris's job harder, but he and his team make it happen.

Thank you and know that I value your team and hope to continue on our joint path to success.



I just wanted to let you know Chris LaRose had done the loan for my clients Bryan Hickman, the buyers are very happy with their loan and closing. Chris went the extra mile to help clear up some issues and even went to the DMV in order for us to close. He also had given up his commission to make the deal work so our clients could obtain the appliances they needed. Kudos! To Chris - I think the FHA loan with doublewide was a learning experience and he came through when it really counted. Thanks for your time, PJ B.


Michele R.

I told Wes Foster & posted it on Facebook. Chris (LaRose) was outstanding & I know your team was there for back up. Gave kudos to the team. And I have let other agents know as well!


Colin C.

Chris (LaRose) is smart, works hard and shows a genuine interest in his work and fellow employees. He keeps detailed and accurate notes on his customers and is always available to help when a client needs him.


Capri T.

I had a wonderful experience working with Prosperity Mortgage. My loan officer was Chris LaRose and he helped to understand every step of the loan process and what was expected of me as a buyer. I am not sure if I will ever use another loan officer because he made such a positive impression. It was absolute pleasure working with him and Debbie.


Jane K.
Eastern Shore, Maryland

Chris (LaRose), Thanks so much for the work you did for Keri and Mark Tucker. We settled on Monday without a problem. Very smooth! You guys were great. Jane K, Lacaze Meredith


Margaret T.

I am pretty tough when it comes to recommending someone - after all is said and done - the recommendation reflects on me - Chris has been great - he truly is available 24/7 - I would, however, only expect him to be available during reasonable hours - Chris is knowledgeable/ responsive/and ultimately gets the job done in short order - let's not forget polite and courteous: Can't ask for too much more - I am pleased that we are Prosperity Partners in some respects - and - when I have referred him in another area of Prosperity - he has had nothing but good reviews.


Bradley A.

Chris will go the extra mile on behalf of a client relationship and a transaction he believes in, even if it is a snow-filled, hellacious journey. Detail oriented, but also able to see things from a macro-perspective, it was a pleasure working with him. Great people person.


James H.

Chris is a very organized individual who takes much pride in his work. He always makes sure his clients receive top notch service. He is very energetic, personable and easy to get along with. Chris is not afraid to take on tough issues, and doesn't stop until a solution is found.


Scott B.

I currently work with Chris, in different groups at Prosperity Mortgage. I have been very impressed with Chris' concern for his clients, and his knowledge of available mortgage products, and how best to apply them to his clients' needs.


Amos B.

Thanks Chris, you have made this process so easy for me. I am telling all my friends about you. Thanks again for being so awesome at what you do.


Marie Hill
Realtor, Lacaze Meredith

Chris goes "above and beyond" to get the job done, and done well. In a business where time is of the essence, Chris handles whatever comes his way in a professional manner, and transactions go forward smoothly.


Donna Jupitz
Associate Broker Lacaze Meredith Real Estate

I am so grateful for Chris as he is by far one of the best Loan Officers I have come to rely on in the past 15 years! I cannot emphasize the importance of having a knowledgeable and qualified Loan Officer to work with. Chris has closed 2 loans quickly in the past 3 months with little notice. This last one was done in 11 days during the Christmas Holidays! The Buyer was impressed, the Buyer's Agent (Champion Realty) was impressed (I represented the Seller) and the Buyer's Family was impressed. I know Chris will be getting more business from all these people and quite possibly from Champion Realty. Thanks again for giving us a great Team to work with.


Raghav V.

Chris was a great help to my family as we refinanced our house. He was very educated on all the recent changes in lending, helped us compare a wide variety of lending offers, and still provided terms that beat the competition. He is a great asset in understanding the variety of terms that correspond to veterans and serviced other members for purchases.


Ezekiel K.

I would like to personally Thank-you for making this happen. I appreciate everything you did for us. We love the home and from day one you said it will be possible and now it is. Keep doing what you're doing and if peole are looking for a loan, you know I will send them your way very quickly. Thanks once again and you are most appreciated.


Dolores E.

My experience with Chris was that he knows his business well and was able to get the job done in a very timely manner for my customer.

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